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2017 Le Cigare Blanc
Wine Specs
55% Grenache Blanc, 45% Roussanne
Arroyo Seco
Vineyard Designation
5.1 g/L
Alcohol %

2017 Le Cigare Blanc

The white analog of Le Cigare Volant


55% Grenache Blanc, 45% Roussanne

Since 2003, we’ve produced this blend of grenache blanc and roussanne derived from a single vineyard source, the Beeswax Vineyard in the Arroyo Seco region of Monterey County. Farmed organically, surrounded by wilderness, and shielded from the cool Pacific Coast winds by the Santa Lucia Mountains, Beeswax Vineyard grows complex, concentrated and mineral intensive grapes from deeply rooted vines.


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/ 750 ml
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From what far-flung, telic appellation might be dispatched a White Cigar? Le Cigare Blanc is the white analog of Le Cigare Volant, our flagship wine, named in honor of the cigare-shaped alien craft banned by decree of the village council of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. A blend of 55% Grenache Blanc and 45% Roussanne, this wine is a study in pome fruit—Asian pear and quince, with suggestions of honeydew, lime blossom, and citrus rind. The great white Cigare is the ally of the oeno-aesthete, enormously adept in felicitous pairing with a wide range of dishes.

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Pale lemon-drop color with greenish tinge. In the nose, the first impression is of linden leaf or maybe a very discreet scent of spearmint and anise. I’ve remarked on the cosmic significance of this before but the wine does rather literally smell of beeswax. This may be slightly impressionistic and slightly New Agey, but the fragrance reminds one of a tisane, or herbal infusion, not just as far as its literal scent, but in the sense of the wine smelling wholesome. On the palate, this Cigare is has a rich, silky texture, with great persistence, yet remains surprisingly light on its feet. This wine can be successfully served to Chardophiles without great drama.
Vineyard Notes
It’s a bit of a long, complicated story, but after working with the Beeswax Vyd. since its inaugural vintage (2003), we made the decision in 2018 to graft over the Roussanne variety to Vermentino. Ergo, this bottling is the last Cigare Blanc vintage that will contain Roussanne. Ironic, of course, as in this bottling, the Roussanne really acquitted itself remarkably well, and this is one of the finest Cigare Blancs in memory. The issues that we’ve sometimes had to confront with Roussanne - major sunburning, the occasional bunch-rot occasioned by yellow jacket damage, excessive astringency, etc. - were all non-issues this vintage. Oh well. No looking back. #avanti
Production Notes
ermented in rather ancient 60 gallon barrels and stirred fortnightly. The wine underwent complete ML fermentation for added complexity.
Food Pairing Notes
Scallops, monkfish, hamachi rolls (with freshly grated wasabi), and not least, the redoubtable uni risotto
634 cases
Other Notes
Ingredients: Grapes, tartaric acid, and sulfur dioxide. In the winemaking process, the following were utilized: indigenous yeast, yeast nutrients, bentonite, and French oak barrels.