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2018 Cinsaut, Bechtold Vineyard
Wine Specs
100% Cinsaut
Vineyard Designation
5.3 g/L
Now - 2028
Label Artist
Grady McFerrin
Alcohol %

2018 Cinsaut, Bechtold Vineyard

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/ 750ml

The Cinsault comes from  what is believed to be the oldest vineyard in California, the Bechtold Vineyard in Lodi, approximately 140 years old; the wine was aged in 130 gallon older, neutral puncheons and minimally handled.  The age of the vines has moderated the vigor of the vines, allowing for slightly smaller, more intense fruit.  Cinsault is not particularly dark in color, nor possessing much in the way of tannin, but it is a spicebox of red/black fruit and fragrance.  A bit of cedar, juniper but most significantly, griotte cherry in the nose. 

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Sheer happiness in a glass. Everything about this wine is just right. The color is an enchanting ruby hue, and upon pouring, the fragrance explosively leaps out of the glass. Cherries and mulberries, most significantly with a slightly pungent peppery strawberry kicker. On the palate, weightless elegance, at the same time showing extreme persistence. This wine charms the way the brilliant wines of Jura do. The wine is attempting to sublime into the aetheric realm, yet rooted with a sort of doon-to-earthiness that can only come from grapes borne by very, very old vines.
Vineyard Notes
What can be said about this extraordinary vineyard that hasn’t been said already. We’ve been privileged to work with these grapes for the last 25 years or so, albeit in ever-diminishing volume (that’s another story altogether), indeed it seems that RG was the first in modern times to make the definitive varietal identification. (Grapes formerly shipped as “Red grapes.) Oh well, this vineyard is very old (maybe the oldest in California), wise, and the great coolth of the vintage year yielded perfectly ripe grapes that still maintained great freshness and vitality.
Production Notes
Standard BDV red winemaking procedure, i.e. a brief cold soak (with the magic of dry ice), hand punched down in small ½ ton bins, with a cuvaison of approximately 30 days.
Food Pairing Notes
Can be paired with virtually anything that Burgundy might complement, viz. game birds, wild mushroom ragoût, etc.
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