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2018 Riesling to Live CASE Special

2018 Riesling to Live CASE Special

A case special - 12 bottles of 2018 Riesling to Live

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This wine is a reprise of a wine that we produced back in 2006 from the Ca’ del Solo Vineyard in Soledad, but in this instance, we’ve substituted the brilliant very old vine (ungrafted) Riesling fruit from our friend, Pat Wirz, in the Cienega Valley of San Benito County.  Pat’s Riesling fruit was a major component of the Pacific Rim bottlings that we did for many years.  Its hallmark characteristic is the distinctive lemony quality it reliably imparts.  Pat farms organically and without irrigation, so there is a preternatural level of intensity to his fruit and a searing acidity - just perfecto for sparkling wine.  We whole-cluster pressed the grapes very gently and after sixteen months en tirage bottled the wine Nature, which is to say with no additional dosage. The Germans call this style of wine Sekt, a largely and tragically unknown category to most.  We can’t really say this publicly but Riesling to Live will definitely promote Sektual healing, pace Marvin Gaye.

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