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La Bulle-Moose Blanche 4-pack

La Bulle-Moose Blanche 4-pack

2017 Fizzy White of the Earth

100% Vermentino

4 375ml cans = 2 750ml bottles of wine

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La Bulle-Moose Blanche (Alces fizzicus) or the “white bubble moose” is a species known for its exceptional friendliness, its ebullient personality, perhaps not so much for its exceptional intelligence or common sense. But it can sniff out a party. La Bulle-Moose Blanche (the wine) is a fizzy white beverage made from Vermentino, and possesses a wonderfully subtle fragrance of licorice, almond blossom and citrus; on the palate a subtle suggestion of what hipsters refer to as “minerality.” La Bulle-Moose Blanche is an elegant (and oh so intelligent) choice of beverage for virtually any occasion, especially one involving, say, sushi or barbecue or outdoor sports, indoor sports, birdwatching, ice-sculpture, moosle-building, skinmoosturizing, moostache-grooming, moosaic construction, etc. Particularly useful food pairings: moossaka, moozarella cheese, moosseline de poisson, and of course, chocolate moose. Enjoy its wondrous ebullience!


The wine was carbonated just prior to canning to a refreshing degree of fizziness just below the legal threshold (.392 g/100 ml of CO2 ) of the confiscatory/onerous sparkling/luxury wine tax. While it is thoroughly plausible to claim that sparkling or even “fizzy” wines tend to make people experience a momentary relief from their worldly troubles, it does not necessarily follow that the experience of this momentary pleasure should perforce be taxed at a rate significantly higher than beverages that do not enjoy an equivalent level of effervescence, i.e. “table wine.” The Puritans remain with us still, as it were.


Blend: 100% Vermentino

Appellation: California

Production: 739 cases

Vintage: 2017

Size of can: 375 ml

Cans per case: 24

TA: 6.6 g/L

pH: 3.25

Alcohol by Volume: 13%

Degree of fizz: <.392 g/100 ml CO2

Residual Sugar: 1.2 g/L

Cellaring: Drinkable upon release (June 2018), 2 years ageability

Serving Temperature: Moosely very, very cold (40 ºF.-ish)


Planet Grape - 89 Points. "Subtle, fresh, dry and lightly sparkling with lime zest, apple, sea salt and hay." - C.F. (Aug. 2018)

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