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Part I: The Vinferno Poster

Part I: The Vinferno Poster

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The Circles of Wine Hell
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(Though not necessarily.) You may be asking yourself, "What might I do to avoid incoming freezing blasts from Lucifer's three wines—the terrible trifecta of impotence, ignorance and hatred?" The answer, dear reader, lies in knowledge—knowledge of what lies in the cold depths of the wine marketer's and cork monger's heart. It is your good fortune that we are making available—without the slightest hint of avarice, graft, sowing of discord or, Heaven forfend, counterfeit—a limited edition reproduction of the Alex Gross' illustration of the Circles of Wine Hell—seen on the inside covers of the The Vinferno—so that you might protect yourself and your family from the pain and heartbreak of depletion allowances and reverse osmosis.

Interested in learning more about the Vinferno? Find out more here.

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Artist: Alex Gross

Dimensions: Approx 36"H X 24"W

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