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Peariodic Table of Pome Fruits

Peariodic Table of Pome Fruits

A poster celebrating pome fruits

Our lives are zingier, crunchier and sweeter for the presence of pome fruit. Bonny Doon Vineyard (with Malus aforethought) is proud to present the Peariodic Table of Pome Fruits. 

Study it carefully – Pomology is an Apple-ied Science, after all.

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Pomes are a type of fleshy fruit produced by the flowering plants in the Malinae subtribe of the family, Rosaceae, the hipper, hippier cousins of rose-hips. But pomes are also poems, infinitely varied, of diverse hue, texture, shape and size — sweet too, (like poems), though sometimes (unfortunately) bordering on sappy. The pome meme has crept — in a most serpentine manner, I might add — into our psyche. The shape of the pome reflects the shape of our own world at any given moment. Everything is inapple pie order, or it’s all gone pear-shaped. We polish apples for the “teach,” I look most fondly upon the apple of my eye. Eve proposed an “apple” (though many Biblical scholars believe itwas a quince) to Adam to non-salubrious effect — the Eve of Destruction! Pomes have been successfully cultivated formillennia throughout Europe and Asia, and lately are doing very well in Cupertino, CA. At least one of the mysteries of the physical universe was illuminated to Sir Isaac through the agency of pomeboinkage. (Applesauce!)

We celebrate the large family of pome fruits here at Bonny Doon Vineyard. More abstractly, in wines like Le Cigare Blanc, we have always aimed to cultivate the aromas and notes of pome fruits. Most literally, we have produced wonderful fruit brandies, eau de vie, from apple and pear. Our newest ventures down the rabbit hole into the world of cider and perry brings full circle the pome-tastic flavors of this curious family of fruits.

The “Peariodic" Table features heirloom varieties of apple, pear and quince, and also lesser known, rare pome fruits, such as a the chokeberry.

Drawings & design by Megan Seiter.

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