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The Mighty Flying Cigar Spaceship

The Mighty Flying Cigar Spaceship

So, it won't quite fit in your stocking, but this is an opportunity to own your very own spacecraft!

One of a kind!
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This is an opportunity to own your very own spaceship, an extraordinary sculpture made by the mad, genius Santa Cruz artist, Michael Leeds, who has built scores of original conveyances, including cars, motorcycles and starships for the rich and famous, (and sometimes the merely infamous).

For a number of years, the Cigare Volant spaceship regally graced the Le Cigare Volant restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA.

Approximately 13 ½ feet in length, 2 ½ feet in width, and 3 ½ feet tall, and weighing approximately 650 lbs., it has been the embodiment of the iconic Le Cigare Volant brand and is truly formidable. It is Randall’s fondest wish that this sculpture go to a good home.

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Shipping not included. To schedule a pick up in Santa Cruz, CA, please call us at: 888-819-6789 or email